FEED CBD products are hand- crafted to our award winning standards, we are not-a white labeled brand. Our motto, What goes on, goes in,’ reflects our value to use only organic, food grade, safe to absorb ingredients instead of the cheaper industry standard of cosmetic grade ingredients that are denatured for a longer shelf life. 

FEED CBD believes in creating safe to absorb creams that cause no harm to people, or the planet by using only sustainably harvested, organic, food-grade plant oils, organic steam-distilled essential oils and safe, non-toxic ingredients everyone can recognize and pronounce. 

Using old world alchemy and unrefined, organic plant oils, FEED CBD transforms the healing power of medicinal herbs into synergistic remedies for your skin and your soul. We transform CBD hemp flowers into 4 different extracts and recombine them into healing remedies for your body and  soul.

  1. Whole plant CBD distillate 
  2. Steam-distilled hydrosol hemp flowers
  3. Steam-distilled essential oil of hemp flowers
  4. Cold-pressed, hemp seed oil

About Our Formulator -  Crystal Rae

Crystal Rae has been part of cannabis culture since the 80’s and an herbalist for the last 20 years. She has combined her lifelong passion for cultivation of plant medicines with her personal experiences with plant healing to formulate FEED CBD Products.

Crystal’s journey in plant medicine started with her trying to heal her very ugly and painful cases of eczema. After the first 15 years of using prescription cortisone cream, she developed a rare eye disease. The only way you can get this eye disease is through the use of cortisone cream. It is one of the rare side-effects of long-term use of steroidal cortisone cream. What she had put on her skin had given her an eye disease and worse, it was a known side effect, printed right in the fine print. A bell went off in her head.

After reading about how a few herbs, literally garden weeds such as comfrey, plantain and yes, the weed she grew and smoked in the backyard garden, could be infused into common vegetable oils found in the kitchen or health food stores and applied to the skin for relief, she started trying it and experimenting. The oils gave her more relief than the prescription cream that had harmed her eye or any of the ‘over the counter’ and ‘natural products’ that would just sting and irritate her skin even more. 

After a few weeks of using her own herbal infusions, her skin began to itch less and the deep cracks began to heal. She enrolled in a community college horticulture program to learn how to grow herbs commercially so she could start her own business. During this time she went to Amsterdam and brought back seeds of that year's winners; White Widow and Durban Poison. She began using the herbs she cultivated in her own backyard to make skin care products that soothed and healed her eczema. 

In 2000, she enrolled in a formal Herbal Studies program with a deep interest in phytochemistry, including essential oils, targeted terpene actions and the art of steam-distilling. Her first successful product was to treat her own eczema, Eczema Soother Cream, now known as Balanced Skin Cream.

In 2010 she began steam-distilling the herbs she grew including specific strains of cannabis for their essential oil profiles. Steam distilling makes the oils THC free. She began working with the essential oils (terpenes) of specific strains addressing client’s issues with great success. 

In 2014 Crystal Rae entered 2 creams, under the name of CannaSpirit Topicals, into the Emerald Cup. Out of more than 80 entries, All-in-One First Aid Cream, took 1st place and the Muscle Soother took 2nd place.