What makes FEED CBD different from other CBD brands? FEED CBD - ‘What Goes On Goes In! ‘

Recently a friend of mine made a statement that caused me to pause, “When you don’t understand what you are buying, you usually end up being disappointed.” That really sunk in and resonated with me to write this blog post.

FEED CBD is Not Your Typical CBD Product.

As a trained Herbalist, I have been studying plants and essential oils and have been making custom formulas for my clients for the past 20 years. Feed CBD’s products are created and formulated from combining my experience as an herbalist with my passion to create the cleanest most effective skin care formulas possible.  

FEED CBD is Handcrafted Not White Labeled

FEED CBD products are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness of our products. Many of the CBD products on the market are made by large manufacturers that use cheap CBD isolates to existing, pre-formulated bases and rebrand or white label. White labeling is when a company contracts out to a large manufacturer to make the products for them. They simply put their own label on the product and call it theirs - as if they are the makers.

FEED CBD Uses Targeted Terpene Therapy

FEED CBD has created the concept, Targeted Terpene Therapy, which uses the plant’s essential oils as carrier molecules, to enhance the therapeutic results of broad spectrum CBD. The terpenes found in essential oils of the plant help to carry the CBD molecules deeper into the tissue layers of our skin increasing the effectiveness of our skin care products. 

FEED CBD Is Where Alchemy and Science Converge

Alchemy is the transformation of constituents from various parts of the plants, which creates the four types of hemp extract used in our products. Today’s science backs up what many of the alchemists discovered centuries ago, and has begun validating the path ways in which CBD molecules work with our bodies cannabinoid receptors. FEED CBD combines the knowledge of alchemy and science to create the most effective vegan, Non-GMO, cruelty free, organic, clean skin care products on the market.

Feed CBD Uses 4 Types of Hemp Extracts 

In the tradition of alchemy, we hand craft our products using all parts (Whole Plant) of the Hemp plant. We recombine 4 types of hemp extracts with synergistic plant allies creating powerful, 100% plant-based, remedies that do not cause harm to people or the planet. We combine:

  • Distillate of broad spectrum CBD hemp flowers 
  • Steam-distilled essential oil of CBD hemp flowers 
  • Steam-distilled hydrosol of CBD hemp flowers 
  • Cold-expeller pressed hemp seed oil 

FEED CBD’s ingredients Create Our Products Efficacy

We start with sustainably grown and harvested, whole plant, extracts and ingredients. All plant allies are certified organic or sustainably harvested and eco-certified when possible. We never use any type of fillers, chemical emulsifiers, synthetics, perfumes or fragrance oils, palm oil extracts, rainforest oils, animal oils or isolated (standardized) molecules. 

Most of FEED CBD topicals contain these 4 types of active ingredients:

CARRIER OILS - unrefined, nutrient dense, organic plant oils (not denatured, refined or cosmetic grade)

FLORAL WATERS - steam-distilled herbal hydrosols (not distilled, demineralized, dead water)

ESSENTIAL OIL of Hemp Flowers

EMULSIFIERS - eco-certified, food-grade plant-based waxes (no beeswax, palm oils, rainforest oils, petroleum derivatives, or synthetics)

Our emulsifiers are a key differentiator in what makes FEED CBD different from other CBD brands. These emulsifiers, while much more expensive than the industry norm for chemical emulsifiers, bring you the most effective, cleanest and safest products.

In my quest to move away from using natural beeswax, which is not a true emulsifier, (creams still separate over time) I began experimenting with eco-certified, plant-based emulsifiers. Industrial manufactured lotions and creams use chemicals and catalysts to ‘marry’ the water and oils together to create a creamy texture that absorbs quickly. Many of the natural emulsifiers are created from Palm oils and add to the destruction of rainforests. We have gone to great lengths to work with emulsifiers that are kind to the planet AND act as an active ingredient - giving the products even more benefits to your skin.

Depending on the product, our amazing eco-certified emulsifiers are made from either olives, amaranth or chlorella. They each add to the effectiveness of the product they are in. There is so much to tell you about the eco-certified emulsifiers we are using. Stay tuned and sign up for our once a month newsletter/blog post at the bottom of the homepage, to learn more about each of these amazing emulsifiers and how your skin will benefit from them.

Crystal Rae