COVID-19 currently has a huge amount of world wide attention. Between the news agencies and governments afraid of even mentioning the word ‘Pandemic’, it is important to maintain perspective and look at the numbers. The WHO (World Health Organization) has an up to the minute report of worldwide COVID-19, breaking the numbers of infections down by country.

Worldwide, COVID-19 has 3,198 deaths and 93,094 reported cases; that’s a mortality rate of 3.4%. Compare those numbers with how many people died of influenza in 2019.

The above table comes from the Center for Disease Control and can be found here.

In the 2019 flu season, 34,157 people died out of 35,520,883 cases - This is just in the United States which has a higher standard of hygiene than many other countries. In an apples to oranges comparison between worldwide COVID-19 statistics and influenza statistics from just the United States, COVID-19 does have a higher mortality rate than influenza, but I wasn’t able to find worldwide numbers on influenza, possibly because accurate numbers don’t exist, but I suspect the numbers of deaths is much higher in other parts of the world.

Looking at the categories by age, the greatest concern regarding influenza is the 50-65+ age groups which accounts for 91% of all deaths. COVID-19 being a virus will in all probability also affect those ages the hardest.

With that perspective, I would like to share some strategies on how to stay healthy during these times. As an herbalist and medicine maker, there are terpenes which you can add to your other wellness habits to boost your immune system.

Lifestyle Habits

  • Wash hands after all public contact. It’s winter - you might consider wearing a pair of thin leather gloves out shopping if you are in the high risk category.
  • Add more alkaline foods to your diet such as plenty of greens, vegetables and fruits, fermented foods, bone broths, miso soups, lemon juice & apple cider vinegar.
  • Cut back and if you have the discipline, avoid sugar & refined carbohydrates (which weakens the immune system).
  • Don't let your mucus membranes get dry or dehydrated. Those who utilize heaters or wood stoves throughout the winter months are especially at risk of drying out your mucus membranes. Moisturize nostrils with a thin coating of coconut oil or use my All-in-One First Aid Cream, Balanced or Rose. Don’t use Alleviate Pain on mucus membranes since it will burn.
  • Gargle with salt water before bed.
  • Use a Netty Pot of salt water and rinse sinuses daily. This is the most effective therapy AND the hardest one to do! I can’t stand doing it myself; I only manage to make myself do it when I am already sick or having bad allergies ;) It works well when I do it. Using a netty pot cleans out the viruses & bacteria that get caught in your sinuses and nostrils.


  • Alpha lipoic acid: 300mg - 500mg total per day
  • OMEGA 3: 1800mg - 2800mg total per day (cell membrane integrity, cellular repair)
  • 50mg B complex: 2x day (AM & Lunch - can be too stimulating for night)


  • Echinacea - full plant tincture or capsules: 1 dropper full 2x a day - (because of my immune system, I try to take 200mg-400mg a day)
  • Ashagawanda - capsules or full plant tincture: at least 400mg 2x a day (at that dosage, it is a proven immune adaptogen so it works better if you use it regularly for strengthening and prevention - not when you are already sick)
  • Elderberry Syrup: plenty of studies showing benefits of use helps to strengthen immune system, and it tastes great.
  • CBD Tincture: 1 dropper full 2x day - (50mg-100mg 2x day). This supports the endocannabinoid system which has been discovered to support the immune system via receptors in our brains called CB1 & CB2. There is a bunch of cutting edge science discovering the importance and interplay of CBD from hemp, the CB1, CB2 receptors in our brain and our immune system. Stay tuned, I will be doing a full blog post on this subject soon.

Essential Oils - Many essential oils are natural, potent anti-virals.

  • Bay Laurel, Pines, Firs, Myrtle, Eucalyptuses & Monarda are heavy hitters for viruses. (There are others too, but these are proven, more affordable, broad acting anti-virals)
  • Put a few essential oils drops on your clean hands, rub together and inhale. Do this before and after being in public places. The majority of virus molecules that come into contact with the above essential oils will be killed in the nose.
  • You may want to get a really good mask for public crowds & airports.
  • Put a few essential oil drops on the replaceable filter inside the City Mask
  • Put a few essential oil drops into a (cold) air defuser and run 24/7 in your home
  • If you live near Bay Laurel and Yerba Santa, pick leaves, simmer in your wood stove
  • Put a few essential oil drops into a small amount of carrier oil & rub into lymph nodes right after your shower. This is when your pores are still open.

Lifestyle Habits

  • Reduce stress in your life from the media coverage of COVID-19. Stress weakens the immune system.
  • Avoid ‘miracle cures’ and the marketing around ‘super’ herbs such as Olive Leaf, Golden Seal, Oregano Oil and Garlic. Science shows that many of these are great at fighting bacterial infections but not as effective on viral infections (such as the flu and COVID-19) and they also dry out your mucus membranes - the opposite of what you need right now! So save your money.
  • Get plenty of sleep, share plenty of laughter, practice gratitude and cultivate a meditation practice. There is plenty of science to demonstrate all those activities help to strengthen your immune system and life force energy.

I hope you have found this info helpful. May you and your circle of loved ones be well!

peace, love & laughter,

Crystal Rae,

Certified Herbalist